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Dinner For One (dfor1) is a New York City-based sketch comedy troupe and video production company.  Graduates of Boston's Emerson College, dfor1 is comprised of actors, writers, filmmakers, sound designers and directors. 

Dinner for One takes a dark, absurdist approach to telling stories through sketch comedy. Inspired by Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Mr. Show and Whitest Kids You Know, our comedy is physical, character driven and risk taking. We will make you laugh, think, and ask “what just happened?” all at once. Through collaborative creativity, all of our members both write and act. Our comedy is based outside of reality and flips the audience on it’s head, keeping them guessing and hopefully wanting more. You can expect the unexpected as Dinner for One constantly strives to push the bounds of traditional sketch comedy.

Enjoy...and if you don't...Dfor1 apologizes for most likely offending you. 

NYC Sketch Comedy Troupe

"9-Time UCB Backyard
Brawl Champions"
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